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Why you should ALWAYS book online.

  1. Lower rates.
  2. No phone calls = no lost reservations.
  3. See EVERY tee time we have available.
  4. Book your time 24/7.

What is dynamic pricing?

Airlines, hotels, and your favorite sports teams have been utilizing it for years. Now, this powerful pricing strategy has entered the golf arena. At Walters Golf Management properties we adjust our rates in real-time based on demand, availability, weather, and all kinds of other changing factors.

With rates changing constantly, dynamic pricing puts YOU in the driver's seat: You get to see EVERY time we have available and choose the rate and time that works best for you!

At all WGM properties, green fees are first determined by a thorough analysis of specific metrics, including our competitors' rates and availability, times of day, weather, demand, local events, and holidays. We then analyze our sales records, website views, search engine hits, and rounds numbers and compare them to our traditional call-in bookings, walk-ins, league play, outings, and memberships to look for all kinds of correlations and patterns that will help us price our golf in a way that benefits our customers without compromising the level of service, course conditions, and pace of play that we expect from all WGM facilities.

What does all of this mean for you? In a nutshell, you get golf that is more affordable and more accessible! The VAST majority (over 95%!) of our tee times will be available for far below our traditional, over-the-phone rates, and all of the St. Louis market will be able to experience the class-leading quality of WGM properties for previously unheard-of prices.

Dynamic Pricing puts you, the golfer, in control, offering the right TIME at the right COURSE for the right PRICE!

Click here to book your best rate tee time now!

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